50 Scollard

Lanterra Developments
Foster + Partners
Interior Designer:
Studio Munge
Montana Steele

50 Scollard is an extraordinary new project being built in Yorkville. Developed by the highly-reputable Lanterra Developments and partnering with Montana Steele Strategic Marketing, this project was entirely equipt to get the right eyes and entice those buyers to learn more about the project. Using our stunning Exterior Renderings and the unique 3-tiered sleek design brought by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Norman Foster, we showcased how this building will forever stand out in the concrete forest of Toronto. The interior was designed by Studio Munge, as they are well known for their unique and luxurious designs. Utilizing our state-of-the-art Video Animation service, we made a stellar composition that offered an opportunity for mood-setting and storytelling. These renderings served as an essential tool in all of their direct and digital marketing efforts. In-person sales offices were equipped with our QOO Touch technology, resulting in an irresistible and memorable experience for prospective buyers. With QOO Touch, users can navigate freely, flying around and exploring the complete exterior and surrounding environment on a touchscreen computer. They can also select certain units of interest or compare multiple units based on their needs in a very interactive fashion. It also intuitively displays site amenities and other building features that can’t be done otherwise. QOO Touch revolutionizes more than just the sales office. It can be used in trade shows and pre-construction demonstrations. Truly engaging the user while enlightening them about every aspect of the project. We successfully provided the necessary tools for this spectacular structure to be marvelled at long before its arrival.