Juno Residence

Carlyle Communities
RAW Design
Interior Designer:
Montana Steele Strategic Marketing
Cornerstone Marketing Realty

This development by highly reputable Carlyle Communities is a multi-use building, mixed with residential units, offices, daycares, and more. This large Mid-Rise will house 529 units and a number of these units will be two-storey townhomes at ground level. With the help of a world-renowned architect, RAW Design, the unique 45-degree angle on both sides of this building allows more natural light inside while making less of a shadow on the sidewalks surrounding it. To display the true uniqueness and brilliance in the craftsmanship of this project, we provided a Video Animation. A perfect way for people to feel the joy and excitement this new building would bring, the beautiful neighborhood, and the surrounding environment. Ultimately this provided Carlyle Communities with more interested buyers than expected. Video Animation serves as essential for a pre-construction project as it will always align with the project vision and binds personality with the project’s uniqueness. Our 360 Suite and Amenities Tour allowed prospective buyers to walk through the inside of the building, experiencing the fine details and the amenities available. They could walk into any unit if they want to explore the special features, layout, and view from every floor in the building. A truly spectacular interior design by world-class designer Figure3. The exterior of this building will probably forever be underrated– but not to QOO. We admire the brilliance it took to pull this off.