Sunken Plaza

Menkes Developments

The world-class award-winning Menkes Developments are working on a big master plan called Grand Festival. Situated on Highway 7, this project has something for everyone. Sunken Plaza will be one of Canada’s largest masterplan communities and will be located in Vaughn, steps away from the TTC. With a vast amount of onsite amenities and plenty of access to local amenities, this building will be the perfect haven as it encompasses everything one would look for when on the hunt for a future condo unit. The astonishing exterior is unique, with multiple towers guaranteed to stand out in any city, especially Vaughn, as this city continues to grow and develop. To showcase the astonishing build, the remarkable location, and the vast local and onsite amenities, we provided a Video Animation that was sure to strike the right emotions and set the mood. It also offers the unique opportunity to tell a lively story behind the project, giving the Suken Plaza an identity and personality of its own. These animations were vital in all the digital marketing efforts put forth as well as in the sales offices.