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Senior 3D Artist

Senior 3D Artist

Toronto | Istanbul | Remote

Are you a highly skilled 3D artist with a passion for crafting immersive visual experiences? We're seeking a Senior Artist to join our team and take on a pivotal role in driving the quality and creativity of our projects to new heights. If you have a keen eye for detail, a mastery of 3D rendering techniques, and a knack for leadership, we want to hear from you.

Posted: 04/10/2024
Full Time
As Soon As Possible

For those interested in joining our Toronto or Istanbul teams, please be aware that local legal employment eligibility is required.


/ Merging geometry from diverse sources into a cohesive layout file
/ Strategically placing accessories to enrich compositions and narrative depth
/ Selecting optimal camera angles to convey intended messages effectively
/ Meticulous use of Displacement maps and optimization techniques
/ Applying textures using UVW mapping and Real-World Map Size approaches
/ Unwrapping geometry with varying levels of complexity
/ Enhancing scene quality through Adobe Photoshop adjustments
/ Seamlessly integrating backplate photography while ensuring perspective and lighting consistency
/ Active participation in team discussions to track progress and task allocation
/ Mastery of Corona renderer and associated tools
/ Proficiency in utilizing render elements for post-production enhancements
/ Streamlining file organization for efficient Light Mix optimization
/ Conducting scene optimization for enhanced performance
/ Adhering to best practices for geometry management and lighting techniques
/ Providing guidance to Intermediate and Junior artists for skill development and growth
/ Crafting intricate and accurate materials based on references
/ Expertise in post-production techniques, including texture creation and editing
/ Proficient in producing 360 images and creating virtual tours
/ Proficiency in drone photography flight planning
/ Resolving complex project challenges with adept problem-solving skills
/ Mastery of advanced post-production techniques
/ Replicating proposed moods through image adjustments
/ Overseeing Renderfarm team utilization

Skills / Experience

/ Minimum 1 year of experience as an Upper Intermediate 3D Artist
/ Demonstrated adaptability and passion for continual learning
/ Proficiency in 3dsMax viewport navigation and shortcuts
/ Knowledgeable in poly modeling for architectural elements
/ Self-motivated with a proactive approach to challenges
/ Effective team player with the ability to work under pressure
/ Strong organizational and prioritization skills
/ Ability to communicate technical concepts effectively
/ Familiarity with Corona lights, HDRI, and advanced lighting techniques
/ Proficient in post-production techniques and photomontages
/ Advanced skills in Forest Pack tools and unwrap techniques
/ Experience with VFX techniques is a plus
/ Artistic sensibility and leadership capabilities in the absence of the Product Owner
/ Proficiency in raw photo editing

To Apply

Send us an e-mail with your resume and cover letter, telling us why you want to be part of QOO: Please add on "Subject" (LAST NAME, FIRST NAME) - SENIOR ARTIST - CITY.