Carriage Gate Homes
Turner Fleischer Architects
Interior Designer:
Tomas Pearce Interior Design
Spectrum Sky

2079 Lakeshore Road Condos developed by Carriage Gate will offer luxury at its finest to future new residents of Burlington. A city known for its magnificent parks and waterfronts, many from around the Greater Toronto Area come to the peaceful Lakeshore of Burlington. Beausoleil is situated minutes away from the heavenly waterfront and has an amazing view from any side of the building. Onsite amenities are vast with this 29-story, 280-unit holding tower, crafted with luxurious brilliance by world-class architect Turner Fleischer and interior design company Tomas Pearce. To showcase the majestic luxury and ample amenities, we utilized our Photo-realistic Interior and Exterior Renderings that were at the forefront of the marketing efforts of 52Pick-up, the marketing team involved in this project. As these renderings are the first impression of Beausoleil, the prospect gets, we heavily focus on every detail, ensuring the renderings offer an opportunity for mood-setting and storytelling. We also put these renderings together and made the perfect composition with our Video animation service, putting together a lively depiction of this enchanting building, offering context and encapsulating this project’s beauty. This also served as a vital digital marketing tool and was tremendously useful in sales offices. To make this more intuitive and engaging sales offices were transformed with QOO Touch. Technology we developed that accurately displays an interactive model of the city with spectacular detail. Using a touchscreen, the prospective buyer can navigate between buildings to explore the exterior, toggling between day and night as well as different weather conditions. The user can also filter through units with their selected criteria. The building will highlight the ones suited for the user and provides an interactive floor plan. This tool is tantalizing and irresistible to anyone who is in the sales office. With the use of our QOO Box technology, this high-tech sales office becomes portable. Accessible through your custom website, which is also mobile-friendly. Bringing the experience to the prospective buyer. Future residents could also share the experience of being inside their new home while it’s still just a plot of land. A truly unmatched way of giving pre-construction demos and presentations.

Qoo Box

Qoo Touch