The Georgian

Stafford Homes
RAW Design
Interior Designer:
U31 Design
Baker Real Estate Incorporated

This stellar new Mid-Rise Condo brought by Stafford Homes is being constructed on the East side of lively Gerrard Street. Standing 7- storeys high, housing 93 units, as well as lavish onsite amenities, makes this a luxury and family-oriented haven. The sharp and spectacular interior was designed by U31 Design. To showcase the phenomenal exterior and interior, we provided Photo-realistic renderings that were heavily utilized at the forefront of all the marketing efforts put for by 52Pick-up, the partners that handled the marketing process. These renderings were composed together to make a majestic Video Animation which offered the perfect opportunity to set the mood and tell the story behind the project. Bringing this project to life and giving it an identity. Through the use of the QOO Box and our 360 Tour, we were able to bring 227 Gerrard to the prospective buyer. QOO Box is a web application that showcases the exterior of the building in its entirety while allowing the user to interact by flying around, toggling between night and day, as well as different weather conditions. It gives a perspective of the surrounding environment, which was a key aspect of this project as it is situated in a prosperous area. They can also easily and intuitively compare criteria and filter through units. The partnered sales team, the BAKER, utilized QOO Box to facilitate sales in the offices and digitally. The 360 Tour allowed the user to walk through the interior of the building, experiencing the spatial features, design layout, as well as view from each unit. This offers an opportunity to dwell around and better understand the interconnectivity and onsite amenities. Each unit is also furnished and heavily decorated, making this virtual experience more enchanting. These tools transformed sales offices as well as the sales process, as these web applications are mobile-friendly.

Qoo Box