Lora Bay


Sherwood Homes

Interior Designer:

Sherwood Homes are developing a brand new stellar Townhome Complex designed to meticulous detail. Surrounded by a green environment, this complex is tucked in a peaceful haven in The Blue Mountains. To showcase the high-end class and luxury family living, we provided Photo-realistic Renderings of both the exterior and interior of this complex. These renderings worked as the perfect tool to initially capture and intrigue the right eyes. Being used in all the marketing efforts, both digital and print. These renderings provided an ambiance in the hearts of its viewers and are the perfect hook. We composed these renderings into a Video Animation which offers the opportunity for exceptional storytelling and setting the mood. Gives the prospective buyer a great understanding of what the future neighborhood and surrounding environment will look like. The renderings for this project are nominated for CBHA finals in the “Best Renderings” category.