Stafford Homes

Kohn Partnership
Interior Designer:
Patton Design Studio
Terra Media
Baker Real Estate Incorporated

This 9-storey Mid-Rise by one of Toronto’s most experienced developers, Stafford homes, ensues elegance at every corner. Alongside the architect Kohn Project, this marvellous exterior is possible. Truly unique in its look and shape displays brilliance in craftsmanship. The interior features 206 lavish and spacious units and many onsite amenities, with 17,393 square feet of retail space found on the ground floor. Partnered with Tomas Pearce for the lavish interior design of this project brings luxury throughout. With the use of our Photo-realistic Renderings, we were able to encapsulate all these essential aspects that buyers look for. The partnered marketing team, Terra Media, used these renderings to strike a lasting first impression and entice the right eyes. We also provided Video Animation, which served as a key tool to generate awareness digitally. It also offers a unique opportunity for storytelling and mood-setting that couldn’t be accomplished with regular sketches and floorplans. With our 360 Tour, users could dwell around the interior of the building virtually. Experiencing the interconnectivity and relations between hallways, floors, units, and amenities. The entire building is furnished and heavily decorated with the help of interior designer Tomas Pearce. This is by far the best way to give a virtual showing of a pre-constructed building. Through the use of QOO Box, users get a similar experience, except this is on the outside. Users can fly around the building toggling between night and day, as well as in different weather conditions. They can also filter thoroughly unites to see different layout options intuitively. The best part about these applications is that they are accessible online and mobile-friendly. Through the implementation of QOO Box, the partnered sales team, The Goldman Group, was also able to facilitate sales digitally.

Qoo Box