River & Fifth



Graziani + Corazza Architects
Interior Designer:
Gladstone Media
Milborne Group

This new granular tower, developed by Broccolini, will be in the heart of Toronto with high walking and perfect transit scores. This tower, called River & Fifth Condos, has an eye-catching exterior that emanates class and luxury. The interior is unique in its design, enchanting all those who have the privilege of going inside. As this building is still being developed, we provided a 360 Tour, which allowed prospective buyers into the building. We created a custom VR world for the River & Fifth Condos. The user can explore all 37 stories and enter any one of the 580 units, experiencing the spatial features, design layouts, and the view from any unit. The entire building is furnished virtually as well and heavily decorated to make the experience more realistic, giving the prospective buyer ample opportunity to visualize the future of this building. This method is unmatched compared to any other when showing the interior of a preconstruction project. The 360 Tour software can be accessed online and is mobile-friendly. This transforms the sales process as it can be used in sales offices as well as being accessible on the go. All that is required is an internet connection. This also provides an opportunity for a resident to share their future home with friends and family. We also composed a Video Animation, which offers a unique opportunity for setting the mood and unfolding the story behind the River & Fifth condos. It featured a marvellous exterior and interior, giving the prospective buyer a better understanding of what the future holds for future residences and the neighbouring environment surrounding the building. This was an essential tool for all of the digital marketing efforts as well as in sales offices.