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Our Solutions

Photo-realistic images and videos have the ability to take your project to the next level by giving it life and personality. At Qoo Studio, our creative team crafts video animations that help unveil the story behind your project in a visually engaging way. These animations are designed to showcase your project’s features and benefits, while increasing engagement and attracting more attention to your marketing campaigns.

Qoo Studio’s suite of interactive platforms offers a powerful toolset to enhance your sales and marketing efforts. With immersive and detailed environments, potential buyers can explore your project, surrounding neighborhood, compare floor plans and get a feel for the unique details that make your project desirable. Our suite of platforms allows buyers to virtually experience your project or visit the presentation center, providing you with the tools to prepare for all selling situations.

360 virtual tours are a powerful tool for showcasing real estate developments. By taking users inside the spaces of the development, from common amenities to personal living spaces, these tours offer an immersive experience that allows users to visualize what life would be like at the project. With the ability to showcase different color packages and even allow buyers to change room furniture, virtual tours can be custom-tailored to target multiple audiences and engage potential buyers.

Taking virtual tours one step further, developers can offer buyers the ability to view finishes packages, compare samples, and even customize their homes through an online décor appointment. By allowing buyers to preselect and price their options, developers can offer a personalized experience that helps buyers design the home of their dreams.

Revolutionize the launch of your projects and change the way your brand is perceived. Utilizing our in-house technology allows you to live-stream your presentation globally with an unbelievable degree of creative interactions that will put you on the top of the game – leaving your competition 1000 steps behind.

We also offer Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality to our partners to ensure their target demographics are reached and users experience the immersive solutions on every level.

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Architect: Turner Fleischer
Interior Designer: Tomas Pearce
Marketing: 52Pick-Up
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Developer: Menkes Developments
Architect: Richard Wengle Architect
Interior Designer: Powell & Bonnell
Marketing: The Brand Factory
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Developer: Lanterra Developments
Architect: Foster + Partners
Interior Designer: Studio Munge
Marketing: Montana Steele
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Developer: Parallax & Westdale Properties
Architect: IBI Group
Interior Designer: Figur3
Marketing: Montana Steele
Sales: Cornerstone Marketing Realty
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