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You may be among the people who have yet to become familiar with the term pre-construction marketing, so join us to prepare you to compete in the field of real estate marketing. All the information we have so far in real estate sales is traditional. So house buying, selling, and even marketing for big and small pre-construction deals are all conventional and old.

Modern real estate construction marketing is more about the most vital activities of a construction company. These activities mainly focus on selling pre-construction properties, which many real estate companies in Toronto recognize as a large and profitable business.

What is pre-production marketing?

How can you sell something that doesn’t exist when you don’t have a structure yet? How can you prepare the buyer’s mind for what they will buy?
To do this, you need an essential tool to satisfy your customers so that you can keep your idea in their minds and turn potential customers into real ones.

Pre-construction marketing is a set of activities that builders and pre-construction marketing companies do to pre-sell their units. These activities are vital to stand out and compete in the real estate market. The more you know about these activities, the more you will use them.
Construction companies may use new and different marketing strategies. These methods include digital marketing tools such as SEO, Ad Words, etc. By appearing on the search engine results page, you may become one of the user’s targets and attract potential buyers. But how can you do this?

Pre-construction marketing solution

With new homes and construction ramping up in big cities like Toronto, real estate developers and marketing companies are looking for ways to attract potential buyers and stand out from other developers. Interior and exterior 3D renderings, 3D animations and 360 virtual tours of houses and buildings before construction were among the most important ways to fill this gap.

Construction marketing and sale are easier despite the simulated photos of houses; other old methods of selling homes and real estate still need to be updated. There are different strategies for marketing new construction homes. You no longer need to wait for it to be completed to sell units.

Potential buyers want to touch the space of the house in an accurate and three-dimensional way. Most home buyers need help to visualize the space of the house from a typical plan and decide to buy. They need to see more details and imagine themselves at home.
So you, as real estate professionals, architects, designers and developers, help them and present an accurate picture with the latest software and technology to the final buyer. By creating 3D animations and 360 virtual tours of pre-construction, they convey their comfort and beauty to buyers.

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pre-construction and pre-sale

Advantages of pre-construction marketing

Pre-construction marketing can be beneficial for development companies and real estate agents, regardless of whether they are residential or commercial. There are many advantages that we will introduce you to some of the most important ones.

Trade beyond your region

Trade beyond your region is one important benefit of preconstruction marketing. If you want to go beyond your area and do your business on a broader level, pre-construction marketing shows you the best way. People from all over the world might be interested in what you are selling. But due to their lack of access to the project, you cannot turn them into definitive buyers.

Pre-construction modelling can remove time and place barriers for real estate consultants. Pre-construction marketing removes the boundaries and limitations of sales and connects you to anywhere in the world through the Internet. Potential buyers also get to know the inside of the house and its surroundings through 360 virtual tours and 3D animation without needing physical presence.

Project branding

With the advancement of technology in any field, its use has become a necessity. For a long time, brands were limited to a name and brochures. If we want to stand out in the competition scene, we should use technology in our profession.
Real estate development companies and consultants were not exempt from this principle. The need for professional branding of projects is also felt with the high technology and disappearance of the boundaries of real estate sales through the Internet. This can only be done by showing professional 3D renderings and 360 tours before construction.

Project identification

One of the most critical aspects of pre-construction identification for developers is simulating the project with what is to be built. 3D renderings, creative animations based on architecture and design, and inspiration from the surrounding environment will reflect your project.

pre-construction marketing and rendering

As mentioned, pre-construction marketing is an essential and inseparable part of real estate sales. In this regard, QOO Studio has tried to pave the way for real estate developers and pre-construction marketing companies. 3D renderings from different angles, 3D animation, virtual 360 tours, etc., are among our suggestions to stand out in the competitive market of Toronto, Canada and other countries. 3D renderings, animations and virtual 360 tours help potential buyers to imagine the future of the building and feel themselves in that environment. The more real that feeling, the closer you are to make a sweet deal.

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