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What is a virtual tour ?

First of all, we need to answer what is a virtual tour. A virtual tour is a simulation of a real place. This simulation is usually made by a series of 360-degree videos and photos or can be modelled directly in 3D. To add to the experience sound and music are also utilized as engagement effects. Cg artists create this simulation using powerful software with the sole purpose of providing an interactive and immersive experience.

For example, a 3D virtual tour depicts a real estate property – a house, building, hotel, etc. Those interested in purchasing can easily view the property and move within the interior spaces with one click of a mouse – without physically being there. These tours are a safe and easy marketing tool for new construction that will maximize your return. 3D interior visualizations of the bedrooms, living/dining rooms, as well as views of the kitchen – from design layout options to window placements. You can even allow the user to change the time of day to demonstrate the amount of natural light within a space. This helps potential buyers imagine themselves within the space and excites them to make their new home here.

How do virtual tours help pre-sales?

A home is one of the biggest purchases a person will make in their lifetime. As technology advances worldwide, the real estate and construction industry is also changing how we engage with customers. 3D Virtual Tours are one of the most powerful and new ways to market real estate. These interactive tools allow buyers to see all aspects of the property without actually being there. How is this possible? By combining 3D interior and exterior renderings and the pre-construction virtual tours this gives potential buyers a unique perspective and confidence in what they buy.

How does a virtual tour help real estate pre-sales?

The pre-sales phase of a real estate project is very complex and only possible if you are able to assure potential buyers that your development is where either they should call home or invest in. Pre-selling a project is like selling a dream. 3D renderings and virtual tours turn a dream into reality and help illustrate your project so buyers can engage with it.

By adding exterior renderings to the tour, it showcases the project’s location and surrounding amenities for the buyer from the convenience of their office or home. A physical on-site presence is no longer required, therefore allowing potential purchasers to explore your project and the surrounding area from anywhere in the world.

what is a virtual tour in construction

Virtual Tour & Business

Customer trust is one of the most important factors to success in real estate and pre-construction marketing. Selling during this phase is challenging and a critical task. You can no longer engage customers in traditional ways and in many scenario’s, you cannot show the land and neighborhood physically. Investors around the world and local buyers expect more and want to see the advantages of the property they are purchasing. In order to make the sale you need to build trust and highlight why they should buy from you.

Real estate developers, consultants and pre-construction marketing companies, are amongst those who should be utilizing digital modelling for better sales, investor attraction and higher returns. By using this technology to create 3D simulations of a project it eliminates the need to proceed with construction before securing sales.

3D renderings and 360 virtual tours are great tools to generate traffic and leads on your website. This powerful tool will attract customers from all around the world.

Interior renderings can show inspirational concepts for how the architect decorated the home – creating immersive experiences that enable the buyer to envision themselves within the space and customize their tastes. Bedrooms, closets, decor, views, natural light and surrounding landscape are all crystal clear in these 3D renderings.

These also assist buyers with visualizing their living spaces on a proper scale. Many customers don’t fully understand floor plans and their dimensions. By providing them with digital tools that place them within the space it provides a “real” connection to the space and triggers excitement. They can see themselves using the spaces you’re selling.

Do you need a 3D virtual tour to pre-sell your property?

Generating virtual tours is beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. Real estate marketing agencies and developers are finding that virtual tours help potential buyers fully see and understand the property. The search for homes is almost fully online and it is clear that people are likely to be attracted to buying in a project if a virtual tour is available to them.

Offering pre-construction virtual tours is sure to give you a competitive edge, especially if you’re looking to generate sales, trust and global reach.

Qoo Studio allows you to showcase your development to buyers prior to construction. Our virtual tours provide buyers with visualizations of the surrounding environment, exterior and interiors of the project – for both residential and commercial projects. This is modern pre-construction marketing.

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